i'm emma.

i create the headphone music i want to hear. if you long for interesting sonic spaces, textures, coherence in chaos, and the inescapable spectre of rave, i think you'll also enjoy it.

HALLEY LABS is only one person, so between it and non-label projects i can get rather busy - as such, it may take me a bit to get back to you upon contact.

can't find an album on the HALLEY LABS bandcamp? click the "archived works" link on the top banner or navigate to https://heckscaper.com/backcat/ - many older works (and rarities) are archived in MP3 and FLAC and can be downloaded freely.

looking for stems/loops/other resources from my work for remixing/sampling? head to http://sounds.halleylabs.com/ - the license will allow you to do pretty much anything you'd like with them. the license also applies to using my work in video, streams, games, and so on.

NOTE: i am not and will not ever be on spotify. anything on there is unauthorized uploads

thanks so much, and lots of love β™₯


Aurastys - QXXV

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